Class #3

How to Pray

 St. John Paul II praying the Rosary

St. John Paul II praying the Rosary


We talked in this session about prayer. A short definition of prayer is, "Lifting one's mind and heart to God." Prayer can be a kind of "talking to God", either aloud or in one's heart, or it can simply be a time of silent meditation or contemplation on the mysteries of God in His presence.

There are four basic purposes of prayer, which we can remember by the acronym "A-C-T-S":

1. Adoration: This is basic praise and blessing of God for His goodness and love.

2. Confession: This is a prayer where a person asks forgiveness for his or her sins.

3. Thanksgiving: This is when a person gives thanks to God for the blessings in his or her life.

4. Supplication: Also called "petition", this is asking a favor from God. It can also be called "intercession" when one is asking for a favor for someone else (i.e. "praying for someone").


The Holy Rosary

The Mysteries of the Rosary

We also talked about and prayed together the Holy Rosary, which is an ancient form of prayer in the Catholic tradition. During each decade of the Rosary (one "Our Father", ten "Hail Mary"s, and a "Glory Be"), we meditate on a certain mystery of the life of Christ. Each Rosary contains five decades (or five "mysteries"), and there are four different sets of five mysteries, to be prayed on different days.


  • Pray the Rosary
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